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#Repost from @jenpastiloff Let’s say it’s the middle of the night. The middle of the night when the heart races and darkness descends on your mind like a speeding cloud, a train of disaster, a bullet of fear. Driving full force into your heart carrying all your worries and stress and chatter like it’s cargo that actually matters.

I have heard Wayne Dyer say that when this happens, to turn on the light.

Literally. And figuratively.

Turn. On. The. Light.

I woke up in a panic recently in the middle of the night. I got up and flipped on a lamp and shined a light on my thoughts.

I decided to write.

Why not? I was lying in bed, heart racing, thought after thought after thought fighting for attention.

I wrote a “Dear John” letter to my obsessive thoughts.

Dear Thoughts That Don’t Deserve My Attention,

You are mostly worries about things that haven’t occurred yet and probably never will. You are mostly stories I have made up in my head. You are mostly products of a fearful mind that has been overworking and now has a few moments to lie here in the dark, and you are taking advantage. I am kindly asking you to go away. I do not need you. I have plenty of other thoughts that are kinder and more compassionate. You see, these days, I choose to spend time being inspired. You are not inspiring me. You are causing me anxiety and lack of sleep. I am breaking up with you. And yes, it is my choice. You don’t get to run my show anymore.

What can you do when the darkness descends?

Whether it’s the middle of the night or outside in broad daylight?

1. Come back to your true self. Your “I am-ness.” For example, I am right now repeating my mantra: I am love. Not “I am fat” or “I am anxious” or “I am scared” or “I am broke.” Yea, in my living room. Out loud. In the middle of the night. Or very early morning if you want to be picky.

When I am love, I cannot be fearful and worried and scared, and I most certainly cannot be not good enough.

I know how powerful our minds can be. Mine’s one powerful motherf*cker.

I am not sure what caused this recent flurry of worry.

My guess is that it has to do with a lot of the things I have been stuffing down du

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